Welcome to the Presbyterian Churches of the Parish of East Maitland

Mission Outreach



 This was a partnership with ICAI (International Christian Aid Incorporated) through Stephen and Vicki Desilva of Clarkson Presbyterian Church in Perth. It involved financial support of the village of Eluche in Kenya, who were taught farming skills from preparing the ground to harvesting the crop (Maize). The financial support also paid for teachers who taught the children as well as books, materials, stationary and uniforms. This has provided a pathway for the children to attend Government Schools and achieve a better education which will result in improving the living standards of the village. Poultry has been purchased and new wells for drinking water have been dugged with the support that the churches of the Parish of East Maitland have provided.

The goals of the ICAI to lift the Eluche Village out of poverty by providing skills and education have been achieved. The future of the village and hope, with God's help, looks much brighter under the guidance of  Pastor Joshua 


Bibles for the Persecuted

The churches of the Parish of East Maitland, (St. Stephen's and St. David's) supported the Bible  League project to raise funds to supply Bibles to persecuted believers of the Christian faith. The persecuted believers struggle in a variety of ways without their own Bible. The funds raised were able to be used to purchase Bibles so each person was able to have their own with which to increase their knowledge God's teachings.

An example of the work of the Bible League relates to the earthquake that shook Nepal in April 2015 and the devastating damage that it caused. Through the generous support of supporters, 12000 Bibles were able to be planted in Nepal immediatley after the earthquake, which allowed the partners of the Bible League to reach out to many in need with the message of love and hope. 


Leprosy Mission

Ther next project that the Churches of the Parish of East Maitland are supporting is The Leprosy Mission and its work in Timor Leste. The Leprosy Mission finds, treats and assists people with Leprosy as well as assisting non Leprosy sufferers who have disabilities. Therapy clinics retrain people and teach them skills so they can earn a living to support themselves as well as their families. The Churches of the Parish of East Maitland are providing financial support so that The Leprosy Mission can do the work required to help those people who have Leprosy or have had Leprosy.

Last year, 124 new cases of Leprosy were diagnosed and treated. 1943 community advocates were trained and mobilised and 14 Self Care Groups with 115 members assisted each other with addressing the early signs of Leprosy and the prevention of disability. Our financial assistance has enabled so many to be helped.