Welcome to the Presbyterian Churches of the Parish of East Maitland

St David's Church - Beresfield



The history of St. David's Presbyterian Church, Beresfield, begins with occasional Services being conducted in the Buffalo Lodge Hall prior to 1959. Sunday School was conducted in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Leslie. Beresfield, in 1957 became St. Stephen's Church first Stewardship programme with the extension of the work in Beresfield seen as a project for this programme. The plan started by Rev. William Torrence, who was previously the minister of St. Stephen's Church and carried on by Rev. Robert Caldwell who had followed Rev. Torrence as minister at St. Stephen's Church, was to use the church hall in Milton Street. The opening took place on Saturday 20th June 1959 at 3:00 pm with the opening Service conducted by members of the Presbytery of the  Hunter. Church Services began the next day at 3:00 pm with Sunday School being held at 2:00 pm

On 24th March ,1970, the Committee of Management agreed to a proposal from the Home Mission Committee for the sale of the Milton Street site and the purchase of the Congregational Church Land and Buildings in Beresford Avenue. The Congregational Church, which was established in 1928, was the first church built in Beresfield and a part of history of Beresfield had been removed with the closure of the church due to lack of numbers and the church experiencing financial difficulties.

The Church Hall and the  Manse formerly located at Milton Street, were re-located to Beresford Avenue. The Hall was positioned to the right and at the rear of the former Congregational Church and the Manse next door.

St. David's Presbyterian Church was linked with Raymond Terrace, Seaham and Clarence Town as a Home Mission Charge from the  6th November 1961 to January 1969. St. David's Church was then part of the Dunmore Home Mission Charge with Morpeth, Largs and Paterson from the 7th March 1969 to the 31st January 1972. St. David's Church rejoined the  Parish of East Maitland on the 1st February 1972.

Until recently the Parish of East Maitland consisted of  St. Stephen's Church , East Maitland, St. David's Church, Beresfield, and  St. Andrew's Church, Raymond Terrace.

St. Andrew's Church at Raymond Terrace held their last Church Service on the 10th December 2017 and has since been closed.